Info For Caretakers

If you are a caretaker (spouse, friend, family member or other) of someone living with LARS, please know that your role is important and critical. Although the symptoms of LARS create some intimate and private challenges, a kind word of encouragement and understanding, patience and support can go a long way to help with quality of life for us.

It may be hard to watch your partner, friend, or family member go through something that you have absolutely no control over. It is very important that you take the time to do some self care and seek support from professional or personal outlets if you need to. The time that you take to care for yourself will be the greatest help that you can give to those of us who live with LARS.

There are days when we will need your strength, as ours is completely diminished. Know that most patients will gain improvement and hope is something that grows stronger with your care and support.

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