Management Tips

Although not all who have LARS have the same symptoms and responses, there are many similarities in how people manage these issues and symptoms. This overview of management options may help you find some improvement or may at the least give you some items to talk about with your doctor.

Remember, before trying anything, you should talk with your doctor if it is outside of what has already been recommended by your doctor.  With many options available and because the range of symptoms vary greatly, the best combination of strategies can only be determined with medical consultation and by trial/error.

Note also that not all treatment options are available in all countries. Again, your doctor will guide you through the available options.

Common Management Strategies

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Strategy 1- Diet

Strategy 2- Exercise and Exercises

Strategy 3- Biofeedback

Strategy 4- Sacral Nerve Stimulator

Strategy 5- Mindfulness

Strategy 6- Medications and Supplements

Strategy 7- Lower Colon Irrigation

Strategy 8- Bowel Training Program

Strategy 9- Skin care- Prevention and Management

Strategy 10- Practicality Tips

Strategy 11- Returning to Work

Strategy 12- Sex and Intimacy with LARS

Strategy 13- Alternative Medicine

Strategy 14- Professional Support