Practicality Tips

Aids in the Management of Quality of Life Issues related to LARS

  • Adult Diapers and Flatulence Undies- Many people living with LARS use adult diapers in case of incontinence. These are made today with very seamless designs that allow you to wear them and go undetected. There is also underwear made with charcoal filters that make claims to hide the odor from flatulence.
  • Travel Bag– Those living with LARS should keep an emergency travel bag with them even for short trips. A change of clothes, wipes and barrier ointments are good things to have on hand in emergencies. If you use enemas, always travel with your enema kit. It may be wise if you are flying to keep the kit and travel bag in your carry on instead of your checked luggage. This way if luggage gets lost or delayed you will be prepared. Do not think twice about TSA seeing these kits- incontinence and bowel dysfunction are more common than we think.
  • Bathroom location- People living with LARS need to know where  bathrooms are located! Be OK with asking businesses, schools, places of work and friends and family where all of the bathrooms are as soon as you arrive. When traveling there are apps available that can locate rest areas and toilets along the way. See the resource section of this booklet for links to some of these services.
  • Meal timing- Some of those living with LARS find that small and more frequent meals can help minimize LARS symptoms. Others report that large meals can help the bowels to evacuate fully. It might help to journal your food intake and assess which works best for you.
  • Hydration- Dehydration seems to be a factor in bowel paralysis and blockages.

The intestines need to be hydrated to function at best capacity. It is very important that those who are living with LARS drink plenty of fluid to ensure that digestive function does not fail.