Exercise and Exercises

Aids in Management of Frequency, Clustering, Constipation and incontinence

Physical Exercise- Strengthening our bodies can help LARS in many ways. Routine physical exercise is a vital part of both physical and emotional well-being. Exercise can strengthen the body and the mind. Many patients ease themselves into exercise as to ensure that the body will respond well. Those living with LARS suggest that you start with a small program and slowly and gradually increase time and impact. Exercise is not going to negatively affect LARS. If you have recently had surgery, check with your doctor about beginning exercise.

Pelvic Floor Therapy- Some patients find that working with a physical therapist to strengthen pelvic muscles, for the right person, may help align bowel rhythm and help you gain better control of your bowels. Talk with your doctor about the possibility of working with a physical therapist for pelvic floor therapy if you think this is something that may help you.