Medications and Supplements

Aids in the Management of Clustering, Frequency, Flatulence, Incontinence and Constipation

There are medications and supplements that may ease and control symptoms. Most people living with LARS have reported that they use some or a combination of the following medications. The medications listed here are not known to cause serious side effects or health risks due to long term use, but some may cause the body to become dependent on them. Keep in mind every person is different and you should talk with your healthcare providers and check for interactions with any other medications you are taking. The list below is a list of most common medications and supplements that patients have tried. There may be other medications and also many natural and homeopathic supplements that can aid in in the relief of symptoms.

Dosage may vary from patient to patient and you should always start with the recommended dose. For more guidance discuss with your doctor and health care providers.

Medication or SupplementHow it Helps/WorksFurther information
Lomotil- (diphenoxylate hydrochloride and atropine sulfate)This is an anti-diarrheal and helps with nerve impulses. It works by slowing down the movement of the intestines which can help with less frequent movements.
Only available by prescription. Dosing is per your doctors advice. Considered a narcotic and there is a slight risk of dependance.
Imodium- (loperamide hydrochloride) This is an anti-diarrheal -It works by slowing down the movement of the intestines. This decreases the number of bowel movements and makes the stool less watery.Your gut can become adapted to a daily dose but with careful planning you can retrain your system. Some of those living with LARS take this daily for maintenance of symptoms. Some take as many as 5-6 a day, although that is not the norm.  
*Fiber Soluble- absorbs water, turning into a gel. This can bulk up stool and help move it through the digestive tract- this can help with frequency and transit time.Forms of Soluble Fiber- Citrucel, Metamucil and other psyllium husk supplements. These all come in powder, pill or wafer form.
*Fiber Insoluble- does not absorb in water.This does not digest and can help with constipation by bulking stools.Forms of Insoluble Fiber- Nuts, seeds and leafy green vegetables among other foods.
ProbioticsWork to restore the good bacteria in the gut and could help with gas and stool consistencyMany different kinds available- do some research and try a few before deciding which is right for you.
Slippery Elm BarkSoothes inflammation in the intestinesAll natural and can be found online.
SimethiconeThis can help with gas/flatulence by changing the levels of gas in the stomachGAS-X is one example of this type of medicine. May have effects on stool output, use wisely.

*A note on Fiber- Some people have reported that soluble fiber did not work for them and/or aggravated symptoms. It may be best to try different brands and types (wafer, powder, pill form) of soluble fiber  to see if one is right for you. Most insoluble fiber found in food can cause major stomach and intestinal distress for many living with LARS. Be cautious when consuming foods rich in dietary fiber.