Skin care

Aids in the Management of Skin irritation

As mentioned previously in this guide, skin irritation can be a concern and can arise from constant wiping and bowel movements. Here are some of the items you may wish to try to help with skins concerns:

  • Bidet- A bidet is a warm water cleanse that can be either handheld or installed on a toilet. BIdets provide a way to wash with pressurized warm water and can reduce the need for too much wiping.
  • Creams and Ointments -Calmoseptine, Desitin, A&D OIntment and Aquaphor may provide relief from irritation as well as barriers for future irritation. Be cautious to use over the counter itch relief creams without first consulting your doctor. These may create more irritation.
  • Paper- Buy high quality toilet paper that is multi layers for softness and absorbency,
  • Wiping tips- If you are dealing with irritation- use water as a spray to clean and pat dry with a soft cloth or soft toilet paper.
  • Bathing- Use sitz baths with epsom salts for relief. Avoid using soap on sensitive skin.