Food Intolerance and LARS- Perhaps a Connection?

Recently I purchased an at home food intolerance/sensitivity test. To be honest- I had no LARS related reasoning behind doing it. It was a quick and easy way for me to test against over 800 foods and it was a decent price- so I thought … “What the Heck!”. I was totally shocked at the results of the test (which by the way was a hair follicle test). Not only did it show moderate intolerance to the foods I had “known allergies” such as eggs and shrimp but there were other under a major intolerance that I avoided due to what I thought were LARS related issues. For example, watermelon was on the list as was red dye. Both I thought were things I thought I had to avoid due to LARS. Apparently there was something else going on.

I am not saying that everything we eat that causes us issues- is a food intolerance – but perhaps some are and cause some of us more issues than others. I wonder if we all knew what our natural sensitivities were, if we could narrow down the food list for those living with LARS,

FYI- for those wondering- I attached a photo of my results- and I got this test from The Allergy Testing Company- I can’t ignore the things that got correct- So I believe these are accurate to a degree.