Living “life to the fullest” with LARS

It’s natural to focus our attention on how to manage, on a day-to-day basis, the challenging symptoms we face with LARS. This site is designed to provide management information to help reduce these challenges.

A couple of days ago, a member of our Facebook group (sorry, this is a closed group so access is only available to those with LARS) posted a wonderful question asking what motivates us to fight this condition. Remember that this fight includes multiple surgeries, horrid chemotherapy drugs, valuable time away from family and friends, inability to work and live as before, daily pain and stress, etc, etc.

The responses to this post included spending irreplaceable time with our children, grandchildren, and spouses. Helping others with LARS. Another responded that he had many years ahead that he wanted to squeeze out kicking and screaming.

Jeanne responded that she wants to live and to live with joy.

I so agree with all of these desires. My wife and I recently had our vacation in Italy and I want to share some of my specific reasons for fighting on, all of which are the same as the responses summarized above:

Here’s a photo of one of my bucket list items……… climbing the awesome volcano, Mount Etna, in Sicily:

Shendah and Joe, Mt. Etna, Nov. 2019

Sunset on the Amalfi Coast:

The Island of Ischia:

The Garden Of Ninfa:

There are just so many beautiful things in this world and so many reasons worth fighting on for.


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