Welcome To Living With LARS

This site is dedicated to the people, 1.8 million new cases just in 2018, that have been diagnosed with rectal cancer and in particular to those that have had the procedure known as the Low Anterior Resection. More than 80% of those who have had the LAR are living with Low Anterior Resection Syndrome.

This site has been created by patients for patients and offers support and information to help you understand this condition and learn how to manage it.

Important note: this site is not intended to be medical advice. Your doctor and/or care team understand your specific medical condition and history and together you can work with them to create a plan that may help you improve over time. If you wish to use any information on this site for treatment purposes, discuss it in detail with your doctor to confirm whether it is suitable for you.

There is also a private group FACEBOOK page for people who are living with LARS. If you have LARS, you are invited to join the conversation and receive fantastic support from other survivors. Click here to see our group.

The creators of this website have also prepared an extensive patient-to-patient guide that provides this important information on LARS in printable form. Download the guide by pressing the button below.